Crop Revenue Management has become one of the premier providers of crop insurance for organic farming. Crop insurance coverage is available for certified organic acreage, transitional acreage, and buffer zones. When reporting acreage, you must provide a copy of your current Organic System Plan as well as a copy of your Organic Certificate.  These rules are dictated by the RMA.

Insurance can only be provided for any crop grown using organic farming practices when a premium rate for the organic practice is contained within the actuarial documents or there is an approved written agreement.

Covered perils under most crop insurance policies include losses due to the following causes if the damage is significant enough to lower a yield below the deductible for the entire insured unit: drought, excess moisture, freeze, hail, prevented planting (for crops eligible for prevented planting, see Basic Provisions, 2011-BR), insect damage, disease, and weeds, if recognized organic farming practices fail to provide an effective control method that may result in losses.

Organic price elections or insurance dollar amounts of coverage are set by USDA-Risk Management Agency every crop year. Contact us for an evaluation and quote.